About us

Catnova is a non-profit association that since 2006 has been assisting vulnerable people in Barcelona with special attention to women, unemployed people and elderly Latin American immigrants. We collaborate in their social and occupational inclusion and promoting their transversal training, personal growth and values, competitiveness, empowerment, social participation and reinvention.

We offer potential beneficiaries and volunteers free services such as reception (acogida), immigration, comprehensive training, accompaniment, a job bank, leisure and cultural activities, and coaching. Our actions are focused on the care of people.


We promote the social and occupational inclusion (labor and entrepreneurship) through counseling, support, training and employment for vulnerable people in Barcelona, ​​especially unemployed local youth, immigrants, women and people over 65.


  • Training and labor inclusion
  • Reception and integration of Latin American immigrants
  • Promote the entrepreneurial spirit
  • Volunteer for social action
  • Work in synergy with other entities
  • Promote human rights and a culture of peace
  • Prioritize people at risk of social exclusion
  • Special attention to women and people over the age of 45
  • Comprehensive support for immigrants over 65


The foundation for the projects, services and internal workings of Catnova lie in these values:

  • Solidarity
  • Authenticity
  • Social participation
  • Inclusion
  • Interculturality

What do we do?

Catnova is always collaborating with other public and private entities, being faithful to its values, and focusing on its programs that reinforce the competencies of the most vulnerable groups in society that need support to reinvent themselves and survive. This includes unemployed women and youth, refugees and immigrants (from 79 different countries) and people over the age of 65, among others

We collaborate on their social/occupational inclusion with personalized accompaniment. We also promote the active participation of volunteers to contribute to a change in social consciousness and to make society increasingly more inclusive and supportive.

At the end of 2019, we were admitted to the Municipal Council of Immigration in Barcelona, ​​from where we will try to influence decision-making regarding immigration in order to collabor1ate with an increasingly diverse, supportive and sustainable society.

How do we do it?

In 2018 we served 773 people, mostly of Latin American origin. 67% of whom were women. 32 people were inserted in the job market. We taught 22 courses, with a total of 2951 hours of training, and our number of volunteers increased to 26 people.

We have grouped our activities in 2019 into four main areas:

Projects 2019

Projump Inclusión: encompasses all of Catnova's work relating to occupational and social integration. Its purpose is to provide tools and resources for members of affected groups, especially Latin American immigrants, older people, unemployed women, to improve their professional and business competitiveness.

Projump Volunteer: seeks to empower Latin American women with a residence permit, but without the possibility to work. We offer them offering them containment, emotional support, and contact with other beneficiaries in a similar situation. This allows them to integrate autonomously, sustainably and cohesively into Catalan society, once their situation has been regularized.

Projump Reinvention: aims to help immigrants of Latin American origin over the age of 45 that are unemployed or who suffer job insecurity. The project works towards their social and occupational inclusion.

Intercultural Bridge: In 2018, in association with Pejucat (Pensioners and Retirees of Venezuela in Catalonia), we included a new layer of beneficiaries in this program: immigrants over the age of 65. They have arrived in Barcelona at an advanced age; thus, through an itinerary of social inclusion, we want to promote: knowledge of their new place of residency; the active aging of immigrants; participation in training programs; intergenerational relationships; integration activities with local older people and occupational integration. In 2019, thanks to the contribution of Obra Social la Caixa, we started the project.

Projump Training: includes all the training activities that support the three areas mentioned above.

For this year 2020 we will carry out two new projects:

- Projump Environment: objective is to promote the processes of sustainability and conservation of urban biodiversity.

- Projump Intercultural : promote cultural activities that promote interculturality and social inclusion.