Projump Reinvention

In 2018, in association with Pejucat (Pensioners and Retirees of Venezuela in Catalonia), we included a new layer of beneficiaries in this program: Immigrants over 60 years of age , who arrived in Barcelona at an advanced age. Through an itinerary of social inclusion , we want to promote: the knowledge of your new place of residence; the active aging of immigrants; participation in training programs; intergenerational relationships; integration activities with local older people and occupational integration. In September 2019, between the two associations and thanks to the support of Obra Social la Caixa, we started an innovative project “ Intercultural Bridge”. It is designed to facilitate the integration of this vulnerable and unassisted group. Its main objectives are:

  • Promote awareness of their new place of residence,
  • Promote the active aging of Latin American immigrants older than 6, attending to the dimensions: physical, emotional and intellectual.
  • Encourage their participation in training programs
  • Promote inter-generational relations
  • Promote integration activities of Latin American seniors with local seniors.
  • Advice for your occupational insertion

For more information call 936817710 and ask for the coordinator: Raquel Salas or write an email to

Do you want to participate in this project?

If you are a Latin American of origin, living in Barcelona and over 60 years old ...... If you sometimes feel isolated, want to make friends, and enjoy the integrative routes through Barcelona ... If you are interested in getting to know your rights and duties .... If you are interested in participating in activities that help you have an active aging, attending to emotional, physical and cognitive aspects ..... If you want to have opportunities for occupational insertion or perhaps volunteer and feel useful .... Join us on this adventure by writing to

Intercultural Pont in the Trobada BCN Ciutat Diversa

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On November 17, the Barcelona Municipal Council of Immigration organized this meeting of entities in which Catnova participated. This year, the central theme of the meeting was Migrated people and aging, a new reality that is emerging and that must be known and anticipated.